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20 Bold Uncommon Boys Names

Hello all! I hope that you all enjoyed the Amazing Unique Girls Names that I shared with you. Today I'm going to share with you some Bold Uncommon Boys names which are also not in the top 1000. It's pretty common in our culture to search for a name that will highlight a child's individuality and I hope these suit your purposes!

As I shared last time, my favorite name for girls (Abigail) is currently in the top 10. Well, my favorite name for boys is not in the top 1000 (I didn't share it on this list, though). I like many names outside the top 1000 for boys but most of the ones that I like most are biblical. I've made a list of biblical boys names that are not in the top 1000 but I hope you also enjoy the names I'm going to share with you today!

  • Meaning: helper and defender of mankind
  • Origin: Scottish
Alexander has been popular for centuries but this Scottish form is still under the radar. It can be spelled in a variety of ways. McAllister is a family name for me. Alistair is a cool alternative to Alexander, even though it does lack the diverse nickname options.

  • Meaning: "little, fierce"
  • Origin: Irish
Similar sounding (but of Scottish origin) Lachlan has very recently come into the top 1000, even though it's been extremely popular in other countries for years. Lorcan has yet to be discovered. With it's endearing sound and ardent meaning, I think Lorcan has a lot of potential.

  • Meaning: born fourth
  • Origin: Latin
Quade has a familiar sound because of the popular Cade and Jade, but with the snappy Q beginning. Quade would make an especially great choice for a fourth child.

  • Meaning: eternal ruler
  • Origin: Norse
While Eric has enjoyed popularity in the past, Aric has never made it more than halfway up the popularity charts and it hasn't been in the top 1000 since 2001. Aric has a familiar sound but is still distinctive and unique. 

  • Meaning: citizen of Rome
  • Origin: Latin
Tarquin definitely sounds unique but in today's culture of unusual names, I think it's very usable. I think Tarquin is especially cool because it has ancient Latin roots but a very modern sound. Quin is an awesome nickname that makes Tarquin even more usable.

  • Meaning: peace
  • Origin: Latin
Pax is another ancient Latin name that I think translates very well into today's naming culture. Despite it being a celebrity baby name. Pax is still outside the top 1000. Paxton on the other hand, is surprisingly popular at #262.  Persoally, I prefer Pax. It's short, sweet, and snappy!

  • Meaning: Of the nations army
  • Origin: Teutonic
With names like Sawyer, Taylor, and Tyler being very popular these days, Thayer would fit right as a nice, fresh alternative. With it's meaning "of the nation's army", it might might a fitting choice for the son of a soldier.

  • Meaning: good man
  • Origin: Latin from Greek
Evander is a cool sounding name with a fantastic meaning. Shorter Evan has been popular for decades. Everett is gaining in popularity and so are Xander and Zander, but Evander is still off the radar. I'd love to meet a little Evander!

  • Meaning: crown
  • Origin: Hindi
Here's another name that despite it's celebrity and historical usage and fantastic meaning, has not gained any widespread popularity in the United States, only appearing on the top 1000 list twice in the last 100 years. In my opinion, Taj and alternate spelling Tahj, are the epitome of cool.

  • Meaning: wise army
  • Origin: German
Rayner is a strong name with a strong meaning. It's unique but still understandable. Other benefits include the fashionable -er ending and the cute nickname Ray.

  • Meaning: man, variant of Andrew
  • Origin: Scottish
I'm sure exactly what it is about Kendrew's sound that I find so endearing, but I think it's very charming. If Kendrick and Andrew are too common for your tastes, you might try Kendrew.

  • Meaning: hunter
  • Origin: Greek
Theron is a strong, rugged name with a strong, rugged meaning. The -n ending is very stylish these days (think Aiden, Carson, Declan) and Theron comes across as an ultra-cool, yet classical uncommon name.

  • Meaning: life
  • Origin: Hungarian
Are you looking for a sensational, zippy name with a trendy sound and a solid meaning? Give Zolton a try. It might look made up and almost Sci-Fi, but it's a legitimate name of Hungarian origins. 

  • Meaning: illustrious and mighty
  • Origin: Irish
Wow. If you're looking for a name with a solid meaning, "illustrious and mighty" is definitely a winner! Roark or related Ruark, are awesome, spunky Irish names for those who are looking for something a little bit different.

  • Meaning: red-haired warrior
  • Origin: Irish
I think Clancy has a cool, mysterious sound. I picture it on a dark-haired child, though, not a red-headed one. I can see Clancy crossing over to the girls side but as of right now, it's fair game for either gender.

  • Meaning: place with thatching
  • Origin: English
Although Thackeray rhymes with the very popular Zachary, it's a completely different name from with different origin. Thack wouldn't make a good nickname but Ray might be an option. I think Thackeray's main draw back is that it could sound like Zachary with a lisp.

  • Meaning: dry wood meadow
  • Origin: English from Norse
I'm very surprised that Truett has not gained more popularity. It's quite endearing on a young child, especially with the nickname True, but it does age well. Similar sounding Truman is in the 900 range of popularity.

  • Meaning: one living beside a small stream
  • Origin: English
Beck is a short but sweet name with English origin. "One living beside a small stream" is a long meaning for a four letter name! The longer version Beckett is in the 200 range but if you're looking for an uncommon one-syllable name, Beck would make an awesome choice.

  • Meaning: colt herder
  • Origin: English
Colter is another name that I was surpised not to find on the top 1000 list. Colton is in the top 100 and Colt is in the 300 range, but Colter isn't listed. Coulter is another version and it's the name of a prominent street in my hometown. If you're looking for a cool, trendy name that not everyone is using, Colter is a great option!


  • Meaning: from Navarre
  • Origin: Spanish
Navarro is a Spanish surname that I think could work really well as first name. It means from Navarre, which is a region in northern Spain. Jose Navarro played an important role in Texas history as one of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence. 

Well, there you have it! I hope you got some great ideas from this list of twenty bold, uncommon boys names! Off of this list, my favorites are Alistair, Pax, Evander, and Tahj. Thanks for reading and God bless!

Which names were your favorites? What other boys names do you like that are outside the top 1000? Let me know in comments!

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20 Amazing Unique Girls Names Outside the Top 1000

Hello everyone! I spend a lot of time participating in naming communities online (maybe more than I 1 Samuel 25), so it's no wonder that countless others have caught on to the name's beauty. I would still use Abigail despite the popularity because she's my favorite woman in the Bible and I think I would regret it if I didn't use it. That's usually the advice I give people when it comes to names and popularity: use the names you love. If you love a name that's traditional and well-used, use it. If you love a name that hardly anyone uses or maybe even one that no one's ever heard before, use it. Basically, just use the name you love.
should) and today I'm talking about a type of name that I hear talked about a lot of different pages: names that are NOT on the SSA's top 1000. I'd have to say I'm a conflicted name enthusiast when it comes to the popularity of a name. Many namers won't choose a name if in a certain rage of popularity and the most zealous of these won't choose a name in the top 1000. While I love plenty of names that are not ranked on the top 1000 list (my top boys name and second favorite girls name are not in the top 1000), for me personally, I don't have a certain range of popularity that I won't choose from. My favorite name for a girl right now is Abigail, which is in the top 10. Abigail has a fantastic meaning ("my father's joy") and  the biblical Abigail is such an amazing, strong example of womanhood (you can find her story in

Now that we've talked some about popularity, lets' talk about choosing a unique name. With our American culture placing a high value on individualism, it's no surprise that many parents are searching for unique names for their children. People's standards for a unique name differ. For some people, a unique name means one they've never heard before. For others, unique means choosing a name that they've never seen on another person. For some, they base the decision off of the SSA's yearly top 1000 baby names list, which is what we're going today. Some people don't want a name that anyone has ever used before in the history of the whole world so they make one up or change the spelling of a more common name. All of the names on this list are names that are not commonly used in the United States but they are still legitimate names with meaning.

Here we go....


Meaning: "I am with God"
Origin: Hebrew

I recently read about this name via a blog hop that I joined in on and oh my goodness, it is gorgeous! It can be pronounced like Leah or Lye-uh. It makes a stunning alternative to the very popular Leah and it has a much better meaning! Beautiful sound, beautiful look, beautiful meaning, beautiful name!


Meaning: love
Origin: Cornish

Kerenza is a beautiful Cornish name with a lovely meaning and a snappy sound. I'm surprised it's not more popular. I've featured it in two previous articles: Valentine's Names and Calendar Names. Keri, Renzi, or Renza would all be cute nicknames.


Meaning: One who acts as an anchor
Origin: Scottish

Wow, what an awesome find! What a strong meaning! It might be especially appropriate for the daughter of a sailor. Akira has a modern, trendy feel but it's still a solid name and not over-used. It could be an alternative to Aaliyah (#36).


Meaning: elm
Origin: Cornish

Elowen is another lilting Cornish name. It's absolutely beautiful but not too many people have caught on to it yet. You could get the very popular nickname Ellie from Elowen or the less common option Wendy but Elowen is just stunning on its own.


Meaning: Saxon

Origin: Dutch

While this lovely Dutch name's meaning might leave something to be desired for your average person, if you have Saxon heritage it might be a good way to pay tribute. If the somewhat brazen nickname Sassy isn't your style, Kia would also be a great choice. Kia, by the way, would be a beautiful stand-alone name and is also not in the top 1000.


Meaning: from Elysium
Origin: Latin

With Alicia, Alyssa, and Elissa all being pretty popular, I'm surprised Elysia hasn't caught on. Elysia would make a good alternative to these more common names and it also has its own uniquely beautiful sound. You could get the nickname Ely or Ellie from Elysia or the more distinct Lys.


Meaning: Princess
Origin: Hebrew

Zaira (pronounced ZY-ruh or ZARE-uh) is a modern looking and sounding variation of the timeless classic Sarah. Sarah is at #48, Sara at #154, and Zara at #482 but Zaira is not in the top 1000. I particularly like the ZY-ruh pronunciation. If Sadie is a nickname for Sarah, Zadie or Zaidee could be a nickname for Zaira.


Meaning: "life" 
Origin: Scandinavian

With many names containing the component "viv" becoming popular (Vivienne, Vivian, Viviana, Viveca is still a bit undiscovered. It fits in well with current naming trends but you'd be unlikely to meet another Viveca on the playground. Viv and Vivi/Vivy are adorable nicknames!


Meaning: new victory
Origin: Scandinavian 

Signy doesn't fit into my normal prefered style of names but its meaning and sound really appeal to me for some reason. Given Sydney's popularity, I think Signy would be a nice alternative that still fits right in.


Meaning: Christian
Origin: Dutch

Karsten is totally cute! It has a trendy sound but it's not popular at all. It would make a lovely alternative to Kristen, Christine, Karsyn, Carter, Karly, etc. Karsten would be well-received but not over-used.


Meaning: sweet speaking
Origin: Greek

Eulalie (Yoo-LAY-lee) has an enchanting sound and a lovely meaning. Other forms of Eulalie are Eulala and Eulalia. Eula (YOO-luh) and Lalie (LAY-lee) are gorgeous nicknames, though I might change the spelling on the nickname Lalie to something like Laylie to make it easier to understand.


Meaning: "Lord, have mercy"
Origin: Greek

Kyrielle (Kee-ree-ELL) is a shortening of the phrase "Kyrie eleison", meaning "Lord have mercy". As a noun, a kyrielle is a French form of poetry that originally focused on praising God. Kyrie or Elle would make gorgeous nicknames.


Meaning: region offering peace and contentment

Origin: Greek

Arcadia is a beautiful, sophisticated sounding name with a lovely meaning. There are also great potetial nicknames for Arcadia such as Cady, Ari, Aria, or Dia.


Meaning: light of God
Origin: Hebrew

What a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning! It also has the added advantage of the fashionable nickname Ellie. Lia or Ora might also be nickname options.


Meaning: most beautiful
Origin: Greek

Callisto is a gorgeous Greek name with a 'most beautiful' meaning! ;) I like the spunky 'o' ending, which is becoming more popular for girls (i.e. Harlow, Margo, Marlowe, Monroe) but Callista is another form of this name. Callie is a lovely nickname option, along with Lis.


Meaning: glade by the lake
Origin: English

This name of Robin Hood's hometown makes a pretty name for a little girl. Loxley has a very trendy sound but it's still not in the top 1000. Loxley combines two very popular trends: double 'l' like Layla and Lily and the super snazzy letter 'x'.


Meaning: with healing power
Origin: Greek

This name has a very classical feel but has not been widely used. It also has an added bonus of having a gorgeous meaning. (Whenever posed with the question "What super power would you choose if you could?", I always say healing power, hands down.) You could use the classical sounding Thea as a nickname or the more modern sounding Ali/Aly.


Meaning: leaping waters
Origin: Irish

Tallulah is a celebrity name (Tallulah Bankhead) and a celebrity baby name (Tallulah Willis) so plenty of people have heard of Tallulah but it has yet to catch on. Tallulah has the fashionable double 'l' sound without starting with L. I prefer the nickname Tally to Lu or Lula or Lulu.


Meaning: glory
Origin: Greek

Clio is adorable, short and sweet Greek name. While many would associate the Cleo spelling with Cleopatra, Clio is meant to stand alone and I really love the cool and unexpected (though rising in popularity) 'o' ending. Clio does come from Greek myth and she was the muse  of history and heroic poetry.


Meaning: marvelous
Origin: French

Mirabelle sounds old-fashioned and familiar but given the popularity of other Bella names, it still feels usable today. "Marvelous" is a fantastic meaning, too. I think the nickname many modern parents would gravitate towards would be Bella but I'd prefer Belle. Mira is also a gorgeous option!

Well, there you have it! Twenty amazing, unique girls names! If you're looking for a name that's beautiful and unique but still has meaning, I hope you've been inspired by these 20! My favorite names from this list are Liya, Kerenza, Kyrielle, Callisto.... Actually I really, really like probably half of this list! Thanks for reading and God bless!

What are your favorite names from this list? What other uncommon baby names do you like? Let me know in the comments!

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What Is Family?

Hello everyone! I something very special to share with you today! My husband is the Family and Youth Minister at the Hempstead Church of Christ and he loves to preach on the topic of family! Family is the building block of society and the church so when families are strengthened, so is the church and so is society. When families are weakened, the church and society suffers. Sometimes, though, we have a view of family that stems from the era of black-and-white TV: a diligent dad who goes to work every day with a well-pressed suit and shiny shoes, a mom who vacuums in a dress and pearls. and 2.5 well-groomed kids who only ever get in the "aww shucks" type of trouble. But is that reality? Is that what we see in our world today? Is that what we see in the Bible? Take the time to listen to this fantastic sermon by my wonderful husband, Michael Thys.


Go by and check out his blog too! Leave feedback and encouraging comments!

The Tool's Perspective by Michael Thys

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Lovely Names For Valentine's Babies

Hello everyone! I hope January was good to you! It's February now and that means Valentine's Day is coming up. It's a time where we celebrate love and friendship (in Mexico it's referred to as the day of love and friendship as well as Valentine's Day) and also the story of Saint Valentine. It's a special thing to have a baby close to Valentine's Day and some parents might want to honor the time of year the baby was born by choosing a Valentine's Day themed name. Not all parents would choose that (mine didn't--- my birthday is on the 17th of February and my name has nothing to do with Valentine's Day) but if you're interested in a Valentine's Day themed name (or a name centered around love and friendship), I have plenty of suggestions for you!


Amorette, not ranked
  • Meaning: "love"
  • Origin: French
Is it cheesy to say that I'm in love with this name? It's feminine and cute but unique and with a bit of a snap. There are a lot of great nicknames you could use for Amorette like Ami, Ama, Mora, Rette, or Etta. 

Valentina, #129
  • Meaning: "strong, healthy", feminine form of Valentine
  • Origin: Latin
I think Valentina would be the most obvious valentine name even though it means "strong and healthy", not love. Valentina is a charming feminine name along the lines of popular names like Sophia and Isabella, but with a bit more power behind it. Val, Valley, and Tina are all great nicknames for Valentina.

Rose, #224
  • Meaning: "rose"
  • Origin: English
It's hard to go wrong with such a beautiful classic name like Rose. In addition to being #224 on the list for first names, I believe that Rose is even more popular for middle names. It might be the new Marie. Longer versions such as Rosalie (#348), Rosemary (#533),  and Rosa (#656) are all at least marginally popular as well. Versions such as Rosalind, Rosetta, and Rosanna are not in the top 1000. My favorite variations of Rose are Rosalind and Rosalie. 

Carys, not ranked
  • Meaning: "love"
  • Origin:Welsh
Carys is a stunning and unique Welsh name meaning love. I think the different sound and look of Carys are gorgeous but some other versions to consider would be Cara, Carine, and Carina.

Philomena, not ranked
  • Meaning: "lover of strength"
  • Origin: Greek
Philomena is another uncommon name with love in the meaning. Philomena has a frilly sound but its meaning is very strong. Mena would be a cute nickname!

Kerenza, not ranked
  • Meaning: "love"
  • Origin: Cornish
Karenza is unique, feminine and very beautiful! Keri, Ren, or Renzi would all make lovely nicknames! Kerenza can also be spelled Kerensa.

Aimee, #756
  • Meaning: "love"
  • Origin: French
Aimee is a French version of Amy. Amy was very popular in the 60s, 70s and 80s (even reaching the #2 spot a couple times) and is still the most popular spelling today at #139. Aimee is much less common and has a very pretty look to it. Another name along the same lines to consider is Amabel, which is not ranked. 

Fleur, not ranked
  • Meaning: "flower"
  • Origin: French
Flowers are a common gift on Valentine's Day so I thought the lovely French name Fleur would be fitting. If the pronounciation of Fleur is confusing for you or you think it might be for your friends and family, you might also consider Flora or Fiorella, neither of which are ranked.

Esme, #929
  • Meaning: "beloved"
  • Origin: French
How could I pass up a name that means beloved? Esme (ezz-may) is a cute, short and sweet French name. It's in the top 1000 but just barely and it's only been there for 4 years in the past 100. It's not rapidly climbing so if you're looking for something uncommon, I think you'd be safe with Esme.

Gemma, #316
  • Meaning: "gemstone"
  • Origin: Italian
Gemma is an absolutely stunning gem name and one of my favorites! Jewelry is often given as a gift on Valentine's day so I thought Gemma or Jewel (#899) would be great names for little girls born close to Valentine's day. 

Mia, #6
  • Meaning: "mine"
  • Origin: Italian/Spanish
As a top 10 name, Mia is definitely the most popular on this list. "Cara mia" is an Italian phrase meaning "my beloved". 

Dava, not ranked
  • Meaning: "beloved"
  • Origin: Hebrew
Dava (Day-vuh) is a very uncommon feminine form of David, meaning beloved. It's short and sweet but I think it's a name that will age well. Dava would also be a great choice for someone looking to honor a David.

Bellamy, not ranked
  • Meaning: "fine friend"
  • Origin: English from French
Bellamy is not ranked in the top 1000 but it has a very on-trend sound. You could certaily get the nickname Bella from Bellamy without having to use a name as common as say, Isabella.

Verity, not ranked
  • Meaning: "truth"
  • Origin: English
Verity is an older English word name meaning "truth". I thought it would make a cute name for Valentine's Baby based on the concept of "true love". Plus, it has points for starting with a V.


Valentino, #706
  • Meaning: "strong, healthy"
  • Origin:Latin
Valentino, along wih sister name Valentina, are very obvious ways to honor a Valentine's Day birth, even though they mean "strong" instead of love. If you're curious about the history, check out this article about Saint Valentine.

Theophilus, not ranked
  • Meaning: "friend of God"
  • Origin: Greek
Theophilus is an awesome but underused Biblical name with a fantastic meaning! It doesn't get much better than "friend of God"! Theo is the most modern nickname but if Phil is more your style, you can get that from Theophilus too.

Reuel, not ranked
  • Meaning: "friend of God"
  • Origin: Hebrew
Reuel is a Hebrew name that also means "friend of God". It has a unique sound and is very under-used! Reu is a sweet nickname!

David, #18
  • Meaning: "beloved"
  • Origin: Hebrew
David is a well-loved classic with an amazing meaning and the namesake of the biblical David who was known as the "sweet singer of Israel".

Aldin, not ranked
  • Meaning: "old, wise friend"
  • Origin: English
Aldin is an underused name with a trendy sound. Spelled with an 'i', it's not in the top 1000 but Alden with an 'e' is #704.

Connelly, not ranked
  • Meaning: "love, friendship"
  • Origin: Irish
Americans seem to have quite a love-affair with Irish names so Connelly would fit right in with that trend. It might be a great alternative to the very popular Connor.

Truman, #951
  • Meaning: "loyal one"
  • Origin: English
Truman would make an equally adorably and strong name for a boy, included because "true love." Truman is familiar but nowhere near popular so that makes it very appealing. Is there a cooler nickname than Tru/True?

Jedidiah, #872
  • Meaning: "beloved of the Lord"
  • Origin: Hebrew
Jedidiah is an old-fashioned biblical name that's making a comeback. In the Bible, Jedidiah was the name God gave Solomon at his birth. "Beloved of the Lord" is such an amazing meaning, especially since it was given by the Lord himself! Jed and Jedi are awesome nicknames.

Audie, not ranked
  • Meaning: "old friend"
  • Origin: English
Audie is a cute name meaning "old friend". It kind of sounds like a nickname but it's long been used as a stand-alone name.

Amadeo, not rank
  • Meaning: "lover of God"
  • Origin: Italian
Amadeo has a unique sound and a great meaning. Deo would make a cute nickname!

Caradoc, not ranked
  • Meaning: "amiable, beloved"
  • Origin: Welsh
Caradoc has a distinctly Welsh sound so it may or may not transition well to the United States. Doc would be great nickname, especially for fans of Snow White.

Theodore, #170
  • Meaning: "gift of God"
  • Origin: Greek
Theodore is an ancient Greek name that seemed to be going out of style in the early 2000s (although it's hardly dipped outside of the top 300 since SSA began keeping track in the late 1800s) but has made a quick turn around. The nickname Teddy made it seem appropriate for this Valentine's list since teddy bears are often given as gifts on Valentine's day. Theo is another fantastic nickname for Theodore.
Rhys, #489
  • Meaning: "ardor"
  • Origin: Welsh
Rhys (pn like Reeces Pieces) is such a cute name! With the meaning ardor, it fits right in as a Valentine's name. I (jokingly) told my husband we should one day name a son Rhys Thys so that no one would ever be able to figure out how to pronounce either one since they're spelled the same and pronounced so differently. 

Arden, not ranked
  • Meaning: "ardent"
  • Origin: English
Arden is another name that means ardor or ardent. Although Arden is not ranked, I think it fits in well with current naming trends and most people would be able to catch on to it quickly, even if they'd never heard it before.

There you have it! A list of names for Valentines babies! I really love almost every name on both of these lists but my favorites are Amorette, Valentina, Dava, Theophilus, Reuel, Theodore, and Truman. Thanks for reading and if you want to learn more about the history and legend about Saint Valentine, click the text link. God bless!

What are your favorite names from this list? Any others you'd suggest? Were you or any of your kids born on or around Valentine's Day? If so, what are your names?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Calender Names: What's Usable and What's Not

Hello everyone! A new year is upon us, which for me usually means buying a few new calenders that I will inevitably stop changing around April or so. Calenders aren't something you'd normally think about for gaining name inspiration but in actuality, they are full of great ideas! I'm excited to share with you some ideas based on seasons, months, and holidays! I'm not including days of the week but I'll try and write an article on that sometime in the future.

We'll start with seasons:

Winter is a name that seems to be rapidly gaining popularity. It has an edgy almost- under-the-radar feel without feeling too out there. I've written a boys article and a girls article about winter names but some  of my top suggestions for winter names are Snow, Neva, Belle, and Juniper for girls,  as well as Jack, Douglas, North, and Grey for boys.

Spring is the only season name that is not in the top 100. If you want an uncommon name for a baby girl born in the spring, Spring itself would make a lovely choice! Some other suggestions for spring babies are Renee (reborn), Azalea, Brooke, and Violet for girls, and Denver (green valley), Neville (new village), Green, and Renato (reborn) for boys.

Summer is the second most popular season name and lets be honest, who doesn't love the summertime? Other names with a summer feel include names with a water, sun, or wind theme such as Marisol, Solana, Kaia, River, Oceanus, Dylan, and Keanu. There's also Theros, the Greek word for summer.


Autumn is the most popular season name by more than 100 places and it certainly has an endearing sound, Other suggestions for autumn names have to do with trees such as Oak, Ash, Rowan, Laurel, and Hazel (see my article on tree names) as well as the brilliant and earthy colors of fall like Aurelia, Orla, and Bruno. When I think of  fall, I think of trees. Check out my article about tree word names!

Now, on to month names:

January itself is not unheard of as a first name but it's not common. January is cute and lends itself to nicknames such as Jan, Jana, or Jannie. Themes I chose for January names are names relating to newness and the new year, virtue names (hopes and goals for the new year), names of praise and celebration, names that mean blessing, and gift of God. Some of the names I chose that fir this theme were Nova, Jana, Hope, Beatrice, Joy, Anna, and Blessing for girls and Neo, Asher, Jude, Xavier, Bennett, and Jonathan.

While I can see January easily fitting into name trends today, February would be a little harder to use, partially because of the lack of a usable nickname. February is my birth month and my name is Alyssa, which has absolutely nothing to do with being born in February. I was even born quite close to Valentines Day but my parents went with a more everyday name for me, which totally fine. However, if you're having a baby in February and would like a themed name there are plenty of great choices. Amethyst is the birthsone for February and it would make a lovely girls name. Amethyst is featured on my gem names article as well. The other names on the list have to love, friendship and Valentines Day. In Mexico, Valentine's Day is commonly refered to as the Day of Love and Friendship. What a great thing to celerate in naming a child!  Of many different possible options I've chosen to list Amorette, Valentina, Rose, Carys, and Philomena for girls and Valentino, Theophilus, Reuel, Aldin, Connelly, and David. Look for a more extensive list of Valentine's Day themed names coming soon!

March is in like a lion and out like a lamb, so I chose lion and lamb themed names such as Arielle, Rachel, Ari, Leo, and Cordero. March's birthstone aquamarine wouldn't make a good name but Marina might make a great choice. Spring in all its glory begins in March so I also chose Meadow and Denver. I have mixed feelings about using the name March itself. For starters, I don't know it sounds masculine or feminine. Many of these names are also featured in my articles about human names with animal meaning for boys and girls.

April is one of the few month names that is actually well used. It was the most common month name for a long time but has since been eclipsed by June. Its French for Averil might also appeal. April is known for its showers so I chose names with meanings and associations such as rain, green, rainbow, and storm such as Rain, Iris, Vera, Amaya, Gale, Noah, Beau, and Viggo.


I can't believe sweet May isn't in the top 1000! Mae, the more popular spelling, is about mid-range, though and similar sounding Maya is #72. For boys, similar sounding Mason is #4. May is the 5th month, making Quincy a good choice. May's birthstone Emerald would make a lovely choice (check out my gem names article).  Another theme for May is Mothers Day so I chose Eve, the mother of the living, and Sarah, mother of the faithful. Flowers are another theme for May so I chose Florian, Flora, and Fleur.


June is currently the most popular month name and it's a cute, vintage choice. Similar sounding Jude is #167 for boys but Junius is not in the top 1000, nor is Junia for girls. Pearl is the birthstone for June (also featured in the gem names article) and it's another cute, vintage name like June (June twins named June and Pearl maybe?). Margo, which means pearl would also be fitting. Another theme for June is Fathers Day so I chose Abra, Abigail, Axel, and Abraham which all have father in the name.  

While Julia, Juliana, Julius, and Julian are all fairly popular, July is not in the top 1000. While it might get mistaken for Julie, I think July is a perfectly viable name for a little girl.  July's birthstone is Ruby,  which is currently the most popular gem name. July tends to be one of the warmest months in the northern hemisphere so I thought names like Solana, Marisol, and Blaze were appropriate. Of course, American Independence day is in July so names like Liberty, America, Freedom, and Amerigo would all make great patriotic choices.


August is quickly gaining steam for boys, along with its counterpart Augustus. As of yet, feminine Augusta does not share their popularity. Austin, which is a more modern sounding version of Augustine, is still the most popular of them all but its most popular days are certainly behind it. August means honor so I chose other names that have honor in the meaning such as Timothy, Teague (if you go with the Gaelic meaning), and Honor. For many in America, school starts in August so I also chose two names that mean scholar: Skyler and Skylie. August's birthstone Peridot would make a unique choice for a brave baby-namer.

September isn't often used as a name but I think it would actually make a lovely choice if you're looking for a name people haven't heard countless times before. Ember would make a cute nickname for September or any of the months ending in -ember but it would also make a great stand alone name as a way to honor the month a child was born in. Sapphire is September's birthstone and it would certainly make a stunning choice. September begins the fall months and there are plenty of different themes you could choose for fall but for September, I went with bird names because they fly south in the fall (although, all the bird names I chose might not migrate). There are lots of great bird names out there but I picked out Ava (also featured on the ABC Baby Names article), Wren, Jay, and Hawk to be on this list. Labor Day is also in September so I also chose some occupational names or names that mean 'work' such as Emmeline, Taylor, Harper, Emmett, Turner, Sawyer, and Fletcher.

I'm not sure if October is as usable as some other fall month names such as September and November but I think it might be a good fit for certain baby-namers out there. Tobi would be a cute nickname if you used October for a girl (you certainly wouldn't want Octo as a nickname...) or you could just use Toby on its own for a boy born in October. Octavia and Octavian would be cute alternatives to using October outright.  Another theme for October could be tree names like Hazel, Laurel, Ash, and Oak because of the beauty of trees in the fall. Another theme would be names that have to do with fall colors such as Scarlett, Aurelia, Sienna, and Bruno.

Personally, I think November is one of the most usable of the fall month names, especially with such nicknames as Nova and Ember. Because November is the month that Thanksgiving falls in here in America, I chose virtue names (Grace, Clement, Noble), spiritual word names (Remember),  and names with spiritual meanings like "God is good" (Tobias), "God is gracious" (Jack, Johannah, Jane, Siobhan, and Zane), "peace" (Shiloh), "blessed" (Bennett), "praise" (Jude), "love" (Kenenza), and "delight" (Tirzah). 

December is another month name that I think could be usable for the right baby-namer, especially with the possible nicknames Deci, Demi, and Ember. December with December comes Christmastime and I wrote two articles on Chistmas themed names, one for boys and one for girls. For this list, I chose several names that mean "gift" or "gift of God", such as Matthew, Nathan, Jonathan, Theodore, Donatello, Theodora, and Mattea. Since the holidays are a joyous time, I also chose Joy, Felicity, and Felix, which all mean joy or happiness. Since December is typically a darker month and since holidays like Hanukkah focus on light, the other theme I chose for December was names like Eliora, Lucia, Norah, Elena, and Luke, which all have light in the meaning.

Well there you have it! I hope this was able to spark some ideas for you who are currently searching for baby names or those like me who are constantly dreaming of baby names! Please excuse any mistakes in the pictures. I know there are a few!  I've linked many of these names back to my baby name site, so you can look up further information on them. If I were to pick favorites from this article, I'd say Autumn is my favorite season name (though I'm partial to Summer as it's my niece's name), November is my favorite month name, and my favorite names overall from this list are Amorette and Shiloh. I hope you enjoyed and and may God bless you!

Which names were your favorites? Which month names do you think are usable? What's your name and which month/season were you you born in? Do they have anything to do with each other? Did you name any of your kids based on their birth month or season? Let me know in the comments!

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